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Federated Video Production on a Storytelling Platform

In Blog, PELEIO Meta by Jordan Urbs

In 2020, online video is the primary form of communication with customers, clientele, audiences, and communities. To produce and distribute these videos, professional video production agencies should be offering a process that includes software, platform, and equipment. The resources traditionally required to produce professional videos are prohibitively expensive for most small businesses (especially start-ups)–and besides that, production agencies do not offer incentives for the end-user’s participation in the distribution of the content.

Behind the chaotic veils of its dominance as social media posts, advertisements, and general brand storytelling, video production is not currently an industry that sees a bright future in the Web 3.0 federated universe. The business model of the centralized media agency is too tried and true, the methods of its video consumption too familiar to explore new avenues. But it’s time to start asking the questions and practicing the execution of decentralizing such an endeavor. Hats off to platforms like LBRY.TV and DTUBE, among others, to begin this practice.

This post explores the implications of federating our media production and distribution on a user-owned video storytelling platform.

The Problem With Centralized Online Video Production

Many online content creators (think millennials) produce and market their own media on these centralized platforms without a hitch, because that’s the only reality available to them. Others require hiring a marketing or storytelling agency and/or a PR firm to handle every step of the way. Producing quality video content is not simple, nor is marketing, as any inspired entrepreneur has learned (probably the hard way).

As a traditionally expensive and resource-heavy activity, today we can begin to recognize a problem in how media has been produced for the last century: it is a trickle-down, centralized endeavor. Online video production—like storytelling, a form of storytelling and disseminating information—traditionally forms itself around the goals of a small group of people at the top of a hierarchy, is focused on the end-means for profit, and is designed for maximum engagement and addiction. Storytelling in the realm of online video is thus not an ideal realm for communicating authenticity in 2020.

An Alternative Solution for Video Marketing and Storytelling

PELEIO is a video production startup that offers a twenty-first century alternative to the legacy of standard media production. As a video production community current offering a variety of digital media services, we are developing our online upload platform to eventually become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the collaboration, distribution, and profit-sharing of videos among distributed teams. This DAO will have no owners except its participants who collaborate on video production projects.

Our storytelling network aims to give you–the business owner, the project manager, the film director–the ability to create your own content and directly participate in the stages of the online video that will represent your business, brand or idea. Every video project will adhere to an agreed-upon vision by its original team members, including licensing and smart contracts for profit-sharing.

Our alternative solutions to video production make the process of creating your own business video not only so much more affordable, but also give you the opportunity to produce organic, personal, and genuine content for your marketing strategy.

PELEIO: A Federated Video Production Platform

Our mission is to disrupt the contemporary systems of storytelling and information distribution via online video, which in their current states are psychologically manipulative and profit-centric.

As we work on that mission behind the scenes, we offer innovative video production solutions for small businesses and independent professionals that are looking for affordable brand storytelling and video content to complement their content marketing campaigns. By working together creatively, on a platform that integrates its values with its technological functionalities, any person will have the opportunity to learn how to capture their own footage and produce quality content for a marketing video.

By the way–decentralization isn’t just about technological platforms! It’s a “new” method of organizing different functions of society in a non-traditional way. Check out this video with retired Navy SEAL and management coach Jocko Willinck for some more context: