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Great Examples of Business Storytelling: Videos That Will Inspire You

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Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy, especially when presented in video format. In 2020, virtual users are more attracted by visual stimulation than text–any surprise to that? According a variety of sources, 80% of people remember the things they see and experience, while only 20% remember what they read.

They say that one image speaks a thousand words for a reason, but imagine digital media. Produced correctly, videos will immerse the audience in your content and facilitate the understanding of your product faster and more efficiently than written content. The value of video storytelling as a marketing tool is the ability to convey a lot of information all at once, which is important in an age where the human attention span is around only 8 seconds… if you’re lucky.

In this article, we will present a handful of great examples of successful business storytelling videos, and explain how each brand used the basics of storytelling to launch effective marketing campaigns to advertise their products and their businesses.

Tesla Marketing Video

In this video, Tesla takes a different approach to product advertisement. Instead of focusing on advertising a single product, they use one of their customers to demonstrate the household effect of their vehicle. Through the experience of this character, the video communicates their purpose as a company and shows the power of the products that they offer.

With drone shots and natural beauty, Tesla’s approach in this clip immerses their audience by showing a variety of solutions they provide that supports a certain lifestyle that appeals to their main audience: eco-friendly and environmentally conscious while remaining sleek and high-tech.

Lifelong Romance with Renault 

What a commercial! Let’s wipe our tears and unpack what we just watched, from the audio & video to the story & characters themselves. In just two minutes, we just watched a familiar love story, with a twist, soundtracked by a dramatic cover of Oasis’ classic, Wonderwall. This commercial packs in cultural memes at every corner, tricks your brain into releasing oxytocin to feel empathy for the sad character, and with that succeeds in tugging our emotional heartstrings by the end of it.

Renault divides this sad-but-eventually-pleasing plot into a timeline in order to show off the generations of their product: the Clio. By advertising their product in this way with such a powerful video story, they subtly enforce the idea in the minds of their audience that their vehicles are trustworthy, that their company is reliable throughout the childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood of their audience… not to mention the diversity of the people that use their products, and their company’s stance on such topics.


Chipotle’s video here is strategically produced to communicate to the audience their values as a business. Alongside another heart-touching cover song, the empathy for the animated animals is generated fairly rapidly, until our mustached friend triumphantly decides to reverse his farming process. Tell me you didn’t want to cry when they hold hands and the pig walks up to them at the end!

The video intentionally displays the deconstruction of their industrial facilities from a corporate environment to a more natural and humanized business model. By doing that, they successfully connect with an audience that is concerned about animal cruelty and the quality of the food that comes from such an agricultural model. Is it true that their food is raised sustainably on farms? Debatable. Does it create excellent marketing material in an age of post-modern progressivism? Indeed.

Crowdsourcing Commercials with GoPro

Finally, let’s take a gander at community-building with crowdsourced video material. GoPro has obviously built a brand based off creating cameras for action sports, and this video inspires its audience by capturing such scenes from all around the world.

It’s a creative advertisement strategy, one that will probably become more and more common moving into the 2020s. GoPro successfully achieves two things in such an inspiring video advertisement: it displays consumer trust in the quality of their products, and further associates their brand with adventure – meeting the lifestyle of the audience that they’re trying to reach.

Connect to Customers Through Your Own Storytelling Video

Your brand story is not only the story of your business – it’s a junction of your product, your philosophy, and who you are. Customers internalize the content that they watched about you and, through an impressive video, you can attract more clients, inspire trust and leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

But it’s not just about a video, it’s about storytelling. Interested in exploring some techniques? Get started with the PELEIO Storytelling today!