Producing Endorphins in Storytelling for That Feel Good Vibe

In Blog, Technical Storytelling by Jordan Urbs

Endorphins to engage the body’s physical response

Another “feel-good” neurotransmitter, endorphins operate a bit different than dopamine as that it’s not as involved with behavioral rewards as it is to pain relief or numbing. Exercise, as an example, releases endorphins because exercise is actually putting your body into a mode of stress. Same goes with eating uncomfortably spicy foods or showering in cold water. These situations generate a relative euphoria that can last for a good amount of time after.

How do we utilize endorphins in emotional storytelling?

Well, just like dopamine and oxytocin, it improves focus and engagement. And, as it lowers stress and raises happiness, it’ll also help the audience feel more positive about any decision they may make from watching your marketing video. Associating endorphins with a brand will last a long time in the brain of the audience.

How do we activate endorphins in good storytelling?

Humor. True, good humor that isn’t just amusing but actually triggers a physical reaction in the form of laughter. Laughter will encourage that euphoric feeling, produce endorphins, and contribute to the motivation and focus that will retain your audience.

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