what is brand storytelling and how to grow your business with video

What Is Brand Storytelling? Growing Your Business with Video

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Storytelling has become a crucial element for successful marketing campaigns. As social media platforms continue to grow, there’s never been more opportunity for turning storytelling into a key part of a content marketing strategy, especially for small businesses looking to grow in their niche market. 

Narrative storytelling helps you go beyond the mechanics of the old, “traditional” marketing practices. Up until very recently, marketing’s purpose was simply to sell products and services, keeping a “corporate veil” in between the seller and buyer. But now, in 2020, things are changing. And fast.

In this article, we will introduce the basic concepts of brand storytelling, and how you can use it to create narrative advertisement to help grow your business.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Storytelling is much more than brand marketing or advertising. It is the art of informing your community details about your trajectory, your values, and what makes your business unique–not to mention: personality! Short narratives in the form of social media posts are a powerful tool to keep users engaged and understand the services that you provide while building a relationship with them.

The power of storytelling is the capacity to grow your brand through feelings. Humans are emotionally charged and, whether we like it or not, we connect with others through visual media. (Ever wonder why we love watching movies or series?) By producing content that is emotionally appealing to them, narratives can be created with the intent of capturing the attention of your audience while simultaneously telling them about your brand and your services or products. In this way, storytelling content production can contribute to strengthening that human-to-human relationship between you and your potential customers. By establishing that emotional connection with the user, you’re creating a type of content that is entertaining and enjoyable to watch, even if the audience isn’t quite aware of that yet. The narrative content will retain the attention of the audience in the short-term and, if you’re consistent, in the long-term. Over time your users will absorb your storytelling message and acknowledge your brand and services. 

A study from Sprout Social says that 67% of customers want to develop more significant interactions with brands by connecting with them. Consumers tend to place more trust in brands that relate to their values and have personally meaningful connections with them. Ever wonder why you see raw, unedited selfie videos as Instagram promoted posts these days? Or influencers peddling products to their massive followings? 

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Why Storytelling Is So Effective

Storytelling has been used by humans for millennia to pack information, anecdotes, humor, and a whole lot more into digestible bits for others. With the help of tools like archetypes, metaphors, and even memes, we can package complex messages in a way that another human can easily understand thanks to hundreds of years of cultural transmission (which the ancient Greeks might call Mimesis). In marketing, stories can add clarity about your products and bring abstract concepts into life. You can send a clear message to the user, by showing explicitly how your services are used and how your business can improve their lives.

A good story helps you create an emotional connection with your audience, inspiring trust and making the user feel committed to you. It does that by creating a sense of community that brings your brand and customers together by displaying a shared reality between the audience and your business.

Stories stick to the mind more easily

The human brain has a strong tendency to lose focus. Boring advertising won’t retain and attract users, but stories filled with personality have the potential to develop loyalty and even commitment. Classical product advertising methods are not as effective to capture the attention and leave a long-lasting impression, which is why we are slowly witnessing the demise of the mainstream media as we know it.

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It is proven that messages delivered as stories can be 22 times more memorable than just facts. In such a big world, storytelling will help your message to be remembered by emotionally impacting the audience and imprinting them with a long-lasting impression about your brand and your product.

How Storytelling Helps Growing Your Brand

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool because associating your services with feelings by appealing to the customer’s emotional triggers makes your brand much more memorable for the audience – they will remember your message, and therefore, your services and your brand. (For example: we here at PELEIO offer video storytelling services. If this article teaches you anything, there’s a strong chance you’ll remember us! 🥳)

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When a customer feels connected to your story and your mission, they are more inclined to buy from you or participate in your activities. Successful storytelling videos inspire your customers into taking action. Accordingly to the Delhi School of Internet Marketing, 75% of viewers pay a visit to the company’s website after viewing a branded video. Other studies show that 46% of people that see a video ad will take action, and 12% will purchase the specific product featured in the ad. 

Short videos are also a great way of keeping your current clients engaged in your social media channels. Keep the connection with your previous customers alive and making those relationships last is as important as attracting new leads for your business. 

Submit Your Storytelling Video Footage to PELEIO

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