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How do I make my own promo video? How do I create content from home? 

PELEIO Video Storytelling takes the age-old concept of a story and applies it to modern-day web media production for anyone. From ads to fiction to informational promos, no matter the objective of your video, the PELEIO Storytelling technique will help educate, improve, and simplify your process 🙂

Our Free Video Storytelling Guide

Our free guide outlines the PELEIO video storytelling technique (which our mobile app uses), is a simple process that collects a video story in seven main sections for collecting footage at home, in-house, or in any low-budget way. It is intended to help organize what someone has to say, sell, promote, or share, into an effective video story for our online age.

Its first three sections focus on the substance of the story: the who?, where?, when?, what?, why?, and how? questions. The final four sections comprise of optional (but recommended) elements that enhance the onscreen environment.

In this guide, we explore the main components of a story and how we can mold them to enrich our content while keeping the production aspect simple, no matter what type of video we are creating. We unpack traditional narrative structure and how we can apply it in simpler terms in order to feel confident to start creating video.

For now, this guide does not cover video editing (indeed, we’re actually trying to sell you our video editing service). After you’ve successfully collected your footage we encourage you to contact us to discuss our quick and affordable video editing service.

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Why Do I Need A Video Storytelling Guide?

So, it’s finally time to create that storytelling video you’ve been talking about for months! You know, the video where you introduce yourself, your business, or your services. Or maybe it’s the video where you share about your new product line. Or simply the video where you send a quick “hello” and “thank you” to your awesome (and loyal) community by showing a little behind-the-scenes of your day-to-day business activities. Yes, you know, that video.

Perhaps you’ve been putting it off for awhile now. After all, the video production process can be intimidating. Piecing together what’s necessary for a business marketing video comes with a lot of questions, like:

  • How do I format my company’s video?
  • How should I engage my business’s Facebook followers on social media?
  • At which point in the video do I ask my audience to try my service?
  • How long should I take to share background information about myself and/or my business?
  • Should I include reviews and testimonials in my video?
  • What makes a good B-Roll?
  • Wait a minute, what even is B-Roll?!

As if video production isn’t confusing enough, these questions will naturally arise and overwhelm the best of us all when getting started. That’s why organization is key, and that’s why we’re sharing PELEIO Storytelling to help you get started. Our step-by-step guide was designed with you in mind: small business owners of all ages and sizes looking to to create short marketing videos on a budget, to advertise their brands while doing as much as possible at home, in-house, with minimum resources.

Why listen to us? For over 10 years, our team has been filming, editing, and telling stories with video content for small businesses, individuals, organizations, and all sorts of people. We’ve explored the art of sharing personality onscreen, of storytelling from the human perspective, and we have a hunch that there’s something valuable in it for everyone.

Can I Really Shoot Videos At Home Without Losing Quality?

Yes. What is quality, anyway? We’re a fifth of the way into the twenty-first century, recent studies have estimated that over 75% of video content is screen on mobile phones, and I can watch “premium content” in the form of a selfie video. The era of corporate, aesthetically-pleasing advertising videos is nearing an end. Customers are now community, and loyalty is now derived from authenticity–not only in our business practices, but in our presentation to the world.

What does that mean for creating business videos at home? Don’t stress about fancy cameras. Start out by shooting your business video with a smartphone. (Or even better: two smartphones! One for audio.)

The PELEIO Approach  is a video storytelling guide that was developed to focus on this very idea: “use what you got” to maximize the potential for your message, your story, and your product by creating video from home to bootstrap your content creation.

DIY Low-Budget Video Creation Guide for Small Businesses

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn some of the basics for capturing your story on camera, at home, with a smartphone if need be. Let’s take a look at what we’ll be going over:

  1. Overview: Equipment, Aesthetics, and “2020 Vision”
  2. Part 1: Introduction (Who? Where? When?)
  3. Part 2: Information (What’s Up?)
  4. Part 3: Audience Engagement (Call-to-Action: Why? How?)
  5. Context and Establishment
  6. B-Roll
  7. Reviews & Testimonials
  8. Music & Sound

By the of this guide, you’ll [hopefully] feel confident to let your inspiration take over and allow your creativity to flourish–meaning, you’ll have the confidence whip out that smartphone and begin shooting your marketing video at home. If you think you’re closer but still not quite there, we suggest you to schedule a creative brainstorm session with us so we can support you in the early stages of shooting your video at home (because that’s always the hardest!)

Video Editing Services for Small Businesses

Don’t have an editor? Not sure where to begin? If you’ve got your footage ready, PELEIO can offer you our own video editing services. We network video storytelling creatives who are interested in collaborating with new projects so the price can remain cheap for you and interest can remain high for your freelancer.

Who is PELEIO and why should I listen to you?

PELEIO, LLC was founded by Jordan Urbanovich, a native Californian-turned-digital-nomad. Over the course of a decade living out of a backpack, five of those were spent making films with local people all over the world. He produced close to 200 videos in fifteen countries over the course of five years. The focus of his films was never cinematic aesthetics worthy of Cannes or shocking viral content upvoted to the front page of Reddit; but rather, it was the people he met on the road.

All these “normal” people had special stories to share, even if they didn’t realize it. As PRCPTION Travel, “documenting the smiles not the fear” became a meaningful way for Jordan to travel to places he knew he would likely never otherwise see. His community filmmaking eventually lead him to opportunities like documenting grassroots earthquake relief efforts in rural Himalayan villages of Nepal, exploring the local economic issues of remote communities in West Africa, and following the collaboration between indigenous communities and multinational corporations growing legal cannabis in Colombia.

This video storytelling guide is available as PDF when you subscribe to our newsletter. It is also available open-source on GitHub under a Creative Commons license. We appreciate your contribution and participation in the community!